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HP How To For You – The Password Recovery Episode

In this 6th episode of HP How To For You, @Bill_F shares recovery methods for a forgotten password as well as tips for how to create a strong password.  For example, find out the logic behind how Steph turned “Bill Is My Man Crush Monday” into “B1ll!mMCM” Smiley Wink



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HP How To For You, Episode 5 – Using HP Support Assistant

Or as we know it behind-the-scenes, HPSA!  This latest episode of HP How To For You will discuss the newly released version of it to help you keep your PCs and printers up-to-date.  Check it out.  You might even get a little wanderlust from this episode for some place tropical Smiley Wink



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HP wins the Lithy Award for Total Community All Star at LiNC ’16

We have some very exciting news to share – HP won the Lithy Award for Total Community All Star at LiNC ’16!

Photo credit: Lithium   


As you may know, the HP Support Forum is built on the Lithium platform and, each year, Lithium hosts the LiNC conference for their customers.  One of the items on the agenda is the Lithium Digital Customer Excellence Awards, also affectionately known as the Lithy Awards.  The Lithy Awards are to recognize the companies who have done exceptional work with their communities.


The category that we were nominated for and won in this past week is Total Community All Star, which recognizes companies that have leveraged their platform, to quote Lithium, “to implement a stellar digital strategy”.  Winners are chosen through a two part process, which includes a combination of popular peer vote in the Lithium Community, as well as a judging panel of industry leaders who evaluate each story’s spirit and successes as well as the evidence to back it up.



Our trophy is so pretty!  I may or may not have stroked it and called it “My Precious”… Smiley Very Happy

This is a huge industry recognition, and knowing the other incredible brands that were also nominated (we were in very good company!), it is also a huge honor to win this Lithy.  From my fellow teammates and the rest of HP, to our valued community members and HP Experts, you have all been an integral part of our community’s evolution and success and we could not have done this without you, so a big thank you to everyone who voted for us, and for all of your support.  It’s an honor to be a part of this community with you!

Part of the HP Communities team accepting the award at LiNC ’16.  Photo credit: Keane Li

500+ volunteers come together for the first #HPExpertDay of 2016

And what an exciting Expert Day it was!


This latest Expert Day started on May 18th and rallied on for a full 24 hours.  For the uninitiated, Expert Day can best be described as a tech support marathon. It’s an online event where volunteer HP employees and partners, as well as volunteer HP Experts, from all around the world, swarm the HP Support Forum and do their darndest to help out as many customers as they possibly can.




Depending on the Expert Day, there can be a specific theme or topic (such as a new OS or product), and it can go from between 8 hours to as many as 24 hours.  This time around, Expert Day was open to questions on all topics for 24 hours, and over 500 employee and partner volunteers came together!  Here are the results:

Now that you know what Expert Day is, below is a behind-the-scenes look.  At HP campuses all around the world, the very folks who create, design, work on, and write the support documents for the HP products that you have, gather in what we call HP Expert Day Villages to help answer your questions together.  In addition to these in-person Villages, we also have virtual chat rooms where these volunteers can get more insight from each other and route questions to the best folks to answer them.


#HPExpertDay Villages


Take a look at some of the thank yous that our volunteers received on Expert Day:


“THANK YOU SO MUCH! That fixed the problem I was having with the printer. I greatly appreciate your time & help. Smiley Happy Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day or evening.”

– said to @Lucid_Solution

“Thank you for responding to my question. Your suggestion was very helpful…. HP printers have always been my favorite and this experience with the HP team members just adds to the reasons I prefer your product.”

– said to @Ciara_B

“Thank you HP for standing behind your product. […] I will be sure to take that into account for future purchases. Thank you Smiley Happy

– said to @Duane_D

“You’re AMAZING.    Thank You!!!!!!!!!”

– said to @JanKrank

“Cannot THANK YOU enough!!  You are a lifesaver!!

– said to @davidzuts

“Thank you, Huffer.  You’ve been a tremendous help to me.  ”

– said to @Huffer


Happy customers make us happy Smiley Happy


For more information on Expert Day, be sure to check out our Expert Day page and follow @HPSupport on Twitter to stay up to date on upcoming events.


A big thank you to everyone who participated!

An inside look at HP’s Product Loan Program as told by an HP Expert

I have been an HP Expert on the HP Support Forums since the beginning in 2008.  This has given me many opportunities, the best of which has been the Product Loan Program, which loans out the latest HP technology to the most active members of the community.  Fortunately, I have qualified for the program each year that it has been in existence.


The Product Loan Program allows me to get first-hand experience with HP’s latest and greatest products from these categories: desktop, laptop, tablet, or printer.  Using them gives me the knowledge of the computer’s components and the latest HP software. With this knowledge, I can better help members who are having issues with these products.  I find this very rewarding.


In 2015, I was loaned an HP OMEN gaming laptop and an HP 10 Plus tablet.  These were two of the finest products that I have used since being a part of the program.  I wanted to keep the laptop for myself!   I got to use them for a year and at the end of that year, I got the pleasure of donating them to a non-profit organization of my choice.


While using the products is amazing, seeing the looks on the recipients’ faces when they receive like new computers makes you feel good all over.  They normally don’t receive products that are like new.  This year, I donated the laptop and tablet to the Christian Aid Center, a homeless shelter in Walla Walla, Washington.  Here are photos of the presentation:



From my experiences, I know that these products are appreciated and put to good use.


This year, I opted to try out the HP Phoenix 860-170VR desktop and the HP Elite x2 1012 G1 professional tablet.  The Phoenix comes with the HP Phoenix Control, which allows me to set the color of the lights on the front of the case.  There are four choices: Single Color, Color Show (rotates colors), CPU Temperature, and CPU Usage.  In my photo, I have it set to CPU Usage.  The blue color means that the usage in very low.


The Elite x2 has a travel keyboard and a Bluetooth stylus.  The keyboard detaches from the display to make a tablet.  This gives you two products in one.  The connectors are magnetized so if you get them close together, they will connect automatically.


There is no way that I can show you how these products perform; you simply have to experience it for yourself.  The process for the initial setup was very straight-forward.  I removed them from the boxes and had them up and running in less than 30 minutes each.


These products will add to my expertise on two more of HP’s latest products and allow me to help another non-profit organization at the end of the year.  As I wrote earlier, the Product Loan Program is one of my favorite things about being an HP Expert and I am grateful to HP for this great opportunity.  I can’t thank them enough.

Mark your calendar: #HPExpertDay is coming on September 21!

We are pleased to announce that the next #HPExpertDay will be on September 21st. That means that for 24 hours straight starting at 7am on September 21st, the very HP employees who create and support your HP products will roll up their sleeves and swarm the HP Support Forum to try their darndest to answer all your toughest tech questions.


30515 hp socialcare sept2016 expertday facebook post 1200x900 en-v2 prod


So how do you take advantage of #HPExpertDay? It’s simple: from 7 am on September 21 to 7 am on September 22, just post your question on the board that best matches your product category and await your reply!


Earlier this year, over 500 HP employees descended upon our HP Support Forum to help our customers. Some even gathered together in person at HP campus around the globe to do so:


Whether you’re in or out of warranty, this event is absolutely free for you to participate in.  So be it questions about your Slate 7 tablet, Photosmart printer, or HP Envy notebook, please do post it on the HP Support Forum on September 21 and let the best and brightest minds at HP help you out!


For more information on Expert Day, be sure to check out our Expert Day page and follow @HPSupport on Twitter to stay up to date on all upcoming events.

Yet another #HPExpertDay success!

Once again, HP employees all around the globe have gathered together to help customers on the HP Support Forums on #HPExpertDay, making for yet another successful digital event!



This past week, the HP Support Forums, which is typically peer-to-peer, was swarmed by over 450 HP employees and partners from all around the globe for a 24 hour period, volunteering their time to help as many customers as possible.  This #HPExpertDay took place on September 21-22, spanned all 7 of our different language communities, and welcomed all topics.


Here are the global results:



Don’t just take my word for it; here’s what our customers are saying about the help that they recieved from volunteers on #HPExpertDay:


 chat.png You are amazing.  Thank you so very much.  […]  I now have the HP C7280 and have had it for so many years… maybe 12.  I’ve never bought anything but HP since I’ve been buying printers.

You cannot believe how much I appreciate you trying to do this for me.  Just solidifies my thoughts about HP.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. […] I truly cannot thank you enough.


-said to @Donal_M

“Many thanks. Am filing your advice for future reference.”


-said to @Cold-print

 chat.png “The information was greatly appreciated so please close this case. 




-said to @Mister_Do


By the way, here’s some behind-the-scenes photos of all the employees who have gathered at HP sites to help support our customers.  These are the very folks who create, design, work on, and write the support documents for the HP products that you have.

If you’re wondering how many people are in that room in Singapore – it’s about 100. So many volunteers that they had to break out into multiple conference rooms for the event!!

For more information on Expert Day, be sure to check out our Expert Day page and follow @HPSupport on Twitter to stay up to date on upcoming events.


And of course, thank you to all the HP employees and partners who volunteered their time to help customers on #HPExpertDay!

One in a million digital prints, thanks to HP’s SmartStream Mosaic

HP teams with Wallpaper* magazine, Coca-Cola to create entirely unique, eye-catching digital designs for recent campaigns.

By Sarah Murry, HP Newsroom

HP joins top musicians and artists to bring immersive computing experiences to life

Company sponsors The Lab to reinvent art, music and technology collaboration at NYC festival.

By Sarah Murry, HP Newsroom

HP embraces 3D capabilities for Microsoft’s Creators Update

At HP Inc., our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone everywhere.

Millennials are reshaping the workforce in a number of important ways. They’re collaborative, creators, use their devices in surprising ways that blur the lines between work and personal life and embrace 3D experiences.

This is why we are excited to collaborate with Microsoft to enable a new set of 3D experiences across our future platforms. Microsoft’s announcements today around 3D capabilities in Windows 10 will change the way people create, communicate, learn and play by blending mixed reality with the real world. At HP, we see these new 3D capabilities as an amazing platform to build solutions for makers and creators.

When combined with Windows Holographic experiences, the upcoming Creators’ Update to Windows 10 will help us achieve another major milestone in our vision for Blended Reality as we fully embrace the 3D capabilities coming to the Windows OS. We are excited to share how HP will enable 3D and VR experiences on HP devices and how this will complement our 3D print vision for creators.

By bringing together HP’s hardware with Windows 10 operating system, the two companies will enable 3D and VR experiences never seen before. Now, with Microsoft’s announcement, HP will embrace these new 3D capabilities in Windows 10 as part of our Blended Reality strategy for the masses by making this available across a wide spectrum of solutions and price points – stay tuned for more details. For example, during Microsoft’s event today, the company demonstrated on an HP Elite X3 how you could scan a ship model using 3D capture using the standard RGB cameras.

Over the past three years, our collaboration has focused on Blended Reality products, including Sprout by HP, which created an altogether new device category that merges the digital and physical worlds. Sprout is the first vision of a future no longer constrained by a single rectangular display and is a prime example of our commitment to power 3D experiences for creators. In addition, we have been helping our creative professional and design customers for over three decades solve the most difficult 3Dworkflow challenges.

As part of the Microsoft announcement, its Mixed Reality vision goes well beyond 3D capture to also include Windows Holographic where VR experiences will be at the core of Windows moving forward. We plan to engineer and optimize PCs and Workstations for this platform starting with systems that ship in the Creators Update timeframe. We are doing this because we believe this will change the way people interact with both their home and work personal systems, transforming entertainment, gaming and professional workflows.

To deliver a complete solution, HP is announcing our plans to offer a new VR head mounted display (HMD) designed and optimized for Windows Holographic. One of our favorite things about Windows Holographic is that it enables a new approach to positional tracking for VR.

It uses technology enabled first on Microsoft HoloLens to create a 3D map that eliminates the need for external tracking hardware that are a part of today’s high-end VR systems. For the first time, customers can experience VR with six degrees of freedom by removing the bounds of physical space.

Gamers and users can simply setup VR anywhere with a holographic capable HP system. When paired with the OMEN X VR backpack, the increased capability to move anywhere is now a reality. The elimination of external tracking hardware reduces the cost of the hardware. At a starting price of $299, we know that this will make VR affordable for more customers, and more customers means a healthier ecosystem of content and applications.

3D content and print capabilities for Creators Update
It is also important to note, that both Sprout and the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution use the same 3MFstandard for storing 3D content as Windows. In fact, the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution is the first 3D printer to be fully compliant with this industry-leading 3MF standard. When used together, Sprout provides the most effective “on ramp” to bring 3D content into Windows 10 and our HP Jet Fusion 3D printers provide the speed and part quality to bring 3D digital content back to the physical world.

Some customers may choose to buy their own Sprout, while others can find Sprout in schools, universities, libraries and museums. HP is updating Sprout’s native software to optimize it for 3D capabilities in Windows. This work combined with our David Vision 3D Technology, will make Sprout the best 3D scanner for the new version of Windows 10. Similarly, as our 3D printers support the new 3D capabilities in Windows, we will create tools and extensions to make it easy to output 3D content to the HP Jet Fusion 3D printers.

The ability to create and produce parts using 3D technology should not be limited to large commercial customers with the resources to own their own fleet of HP Jet Fusion 3D printers. Access to HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology and the 3D capabilities in Windows will be possible at service bureaus with online consumer communities via strategic 3D partners such as Shapeways and Materialise.

Today’s announcements lay out a clear vision for mixed reality in Windows and we are beyond thrilled to make this blended reality a reality on our roadmap. As we collaborate with Microsoft to define a platform, it is important to share our plans to help the ecosystem be ready when we have product availability in 2017 in time to support the Creators Update release.  I look forward to updating you along the way.