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Setup Mobile Printing on HP ePrint & non-ePrint Printers

Options for mobile printing are determined by the type of device you’re printing from and the type of HP printer you’re printing to. If you need some help determining which type of printer you have (ePrint or non-ePrint), follow this link: HP Printers and Supported Mobile Printing Solutions


After determining the type of device you’re printing from and the type of HP printer you’re printing to ePrint/non-Print), follow this link to see what options are available for your setup:


Mobile Print options for HP ePrint Printers

  • HP ePrint
  • HP ePrint Mobile App
  • Android in-OS printing
  • Apple Airprint
  • Google Cloud Print

Mobile Print options for HP Non-ePrint Printers

  • HP ePrint Mobile App
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Android in-OS printing (most wireless HP printers)

HP Instant Ink

What is HP Instant Ink?

HP Instant Ink is an ink replacement service. Your printer knows when it’s low on ink and we ship Original HP Ink straight to your door before you run out.

What do I need.JPG


For a list of eligible printers and countries, check out WWW.INSTANTINK.COM

How does it work?

When you sign up for an HP Instant Ink plan, you pay a monthly fee to print a defined number of pages per month. The plans are based on the number of pages that you print, not on how many ink cartridges you use. Your monthly fee pays for ink, shipping, and recycling. If you do not print all of your plan pages in a month, you can roll over up to the number of pages per month in your plan. If you print more pages, there is an additional charge but you are still paying the same price per page as your base plan. A printed page counts the same whether it’s black and white, a color document, or a photo.


For details on the three Page Plans, check out WWW.INSTANTINK.COM


How to manage your HP Instant Ink account

View your printing history (Page Count), change your billing & shipping information, and find Help links


Corporate Dedicated to the best printing experience

HP engineers the best and most-secure printing systems in the world. We strive to always provide the highest-quality experiences for our customers and partners. As a new company, we are committed to transparency in all of our communications and when we fall short, we call ourselves out.

There is confusion in the market regarding a printer firmware update – here are the facts:

We updated a cartridge authentication procedure in select models of HP office inkjet printers to ensure the best consumer experience and protect them from counterfeit and third-party ink cartridges that do not contain an original HP security chip and that infringe on our IP.

HP printers and original HP ink products deliver the best quality, security and reliability. When ink cartridges are cloned or counterfeited, the customer is exposed to quality and potential security risks, compromising the printing experience.

As is standard in the printing business, we have a process for authenticating supplies. The most recent firmware update included a dynamic security feature that prevented some untested third-party cartridges that use cloned security chips from working, even if they had previously functioned.

We should have done a better job of communicating about the authentication procedure to customers, and we apologize. Although only a small number of customers have been affected, one customer who has a poor experience is one too many.

It is important to understand that all third party cartridges with original HP security chips continue to function properly.

As a remedy for the small number of affected customers, we have issued an optional firmware update that removes the dynamic security feature.

To get the update, customers should visit, select their product, select the product support page, and click on the Software and Driver table to download it. Additional information about this update, including answers to frequently asked questions, can be found in HP’s Support Forum.

We will continue to use security features to protect the quality of our customer experience, maintain the integrity of our printing systems, and protect our IP including authentication methods that may prevent some third-party supplies from working.

However, we commit to improving our communication so that customers understand our concerns about cloned and counterfeit supplies. Again, to our loyal customers who were affected, we apologize.

In-Person meetings



HP Experts enjoy a wide range of opportunities to share their experiences with one another — virtually and in person. In addition to helping form members solve technical issues from any location around the globe, our experts enjoy opportunities to share their experiences with one another face to face.


HP is dedicated to helping experts deepen their relationships with one another while strengthening the important bond between the company and its technical advisers. This is accomplished through three important concepts:

  • Hands-on training
  • Relationship building
  • Showing appreciation

HP encourages customers, employees, partners and influencers to embrace the virtual world by engaging daily in our social support forum. HP also encourages participants to communicate with one another regularly through discussion tools made available to them, like private messaging.


While our experts continue meeting online in private portals to resolve common technical issues, the company is focusing its efforts on planning regional meet-ups, where our experts can meet face to face with their peers and share hands-on experiences with HP products.

What to do when, HP printer is facing problem

HP is one of the leading manufacturers of printers in the industry and its printers are famous worldwide. HP Printer is a device which is extremely essential in carrying out today’s business. It has become a part of our customary world. Due to its increasing use in the day to day business, people are getting more dependent on it for increasing their business’s productivity. But imagine, many a times due to some reasons the HP printers face certain issues, which result in a halt with the working of the company. So people, who face problems with their HP printers, can contact HP Printer Support to solve them and resume their work.

Under HP Printer Support, the user who incurs a problem with their printers can look at the various blogs posted by the company’s employees and the HP printer users, where they have written about their experiences regarding the use of HP Printer Support. Due to the ever expanding customer base of HP, its large customer base actively helps the other fellow users of the HP Printers who incur problems, under the HP Printer Support.

Apart from this, if the HP Printer user incurs any major problem, which he is unable to solve, he can dial the Contact HP Support. Through this, he can get feasible solutions to the problems as the representatives present at the Contact HP Support desk follow a standardized method to help the users.

These initiatives undertaken by HP like HP Printer Support and Contact HP Support are extremely effective in helping the customers to get fast, easy and effective solution to the problems, regarding their working. Also, by introducing new techniques like HP Printer Support, the customers develop a bond of trust among the people. With the help of Contact HP Support, the printer manufacturing corporation is able to develop a personal communication process with the clients and understand their needs. They have cleverly studied the market and observed that the customers feel more secured with one to one contact.

Best ways to troubleshoot your HP device

HP is a popular name in printers, desktops and laptop world. The company deals in a wide variety of products and services. All technology users know what it means to own an HP. Like any machine would encounter technical issues, it is quite possible that one can face troubles while using an HP device too. After all, it’s just a machine. HP has a dedicated customer support division that caters to queries pertaining to any HP device.
HP desktop support team can be reached for any queries related to work ability or technical issues faced while using an HP desktop. Similarly, HP printer support team handles problems faced while using an HP printer. Spare parts for HP printer or even cartridges can be bought by contacting the HP printer support team. The driving force is to ensure that expert help is reached to every user so that a smooth experience can be shared. Teams at HP desktop support and HP printer support are highly dedicated and committed towards fulfilling company’s mission of full customer satisfaction. They always provide best solution to troubleshoot the problem. The experts are certified, qualified and well trained professionals, who provide a cost-effective solution to the problem.
In order to reap the benefits of a large customer base, the company makes it a point that HP desktop support and HP printer support teams promptly attend to all customer queries and offer a solution within a stipulated time frame. Similar attitude is seen in the working standards of the entire support team. The executives at HP support work round the clock, as the company understands that problem doesn’t enter by knocking. These executives are trained to offer solutions for various technical issues. They offer best service with UN-compromised quality and warm support.

Buying HP Printer is Easy and Getting Services is Easier

HP is well known as a top manufacturer of desktops, laptops and printers too. They also manufacture computer hardware products. The company needs little introduction as their huge customer bases spread across the globe speak for the brand itself. HP printer is a loved product by users as the company offers great options for printers at extremely competitive prices. They also pioneer in offering services through Hp Printer Support team. The company ensures that the customers using Hp printers do not face problems while looking for right guidance when they face problems with the printer.


HP strongly believes in creating a strong support system for its wide spread loyal customers. Thus, Hp Technical Support Number is offered to all customers who can get in touch with the technicians during anytime of the day. The technicians offer best advice for issues related to all products manufactured by HP. However, HP printer support can be asked for their expert guidance and support to solve queried related to HP printers. The HP Support team offers help related to all types of printers; Laser Jet, Desk Jet or Design Jet. Printers can be used for home or commercial purposes and at Hp phone number one can seek help for any sort of these.


If looking at buying a new system or a new printer, Hp Technical Support offers assistance for the same as well. One can also seek support for problems faced while downloading drivers or software. Help is also extended for repair and maintenance service for HP printers. Hp printer support team strictly adheres to the policy of resolving all queries within a set time frame. This quickens the problems solving process and makes it easier for customers to seek help for their printer and other HP products.

Enable Best Laptop or Printer Support with HP Customer Support

HP as a major manufacturer of printer and laptop solutions for all types of consumers offers brilliant customer service and product offering, with millions of users worldwide. With an ever growing consumer base and millions of products sold every year to meet the growing demands of customers, the need for reliable HP Customer Support is greatly felt by customers globally.

To address the true nature of this problem, the HP Printer Support Number is made available to the regular customers who might occasionally run into different kind of problems, while installing, configuring or running their printer. A similar portfolio of services is also available for the users of HP laptops.

The different types of problems faced by customers are effectively handled through the appropriate department of the HP Printer Support Number so as to ensure an ever growing satisfied customer base across the globe. Customers usually approach the HP Customer Support call center to either perform the right installation for their printer or laptop or to configure their device with the help of the appropriate settings that will ensure smooth functioning.

As a common scenario, customers are not acquainted with the right level of technical knowledge that will help them fix their problem related to the HP laptop or printer. Problems with HP devices might range from simple software related issues including installation and configuration of the product to complex problematic areas of device function where both hardware and software components are involved.

The HP Customer Support is equipped with the right knowledge and expertise and support staff gets their skillset updated through regular training. This is done to ensure that executives are able to resolve any form of customer query and can apply the solution effectively through highly personalized help services, catered to the individual requirements of their customers.

HP shutting down default FTP, Telnet access to network printers Call Now: 1-844-534-8202

Security experts consider the aging FTP and Telnet protocols unsafe, and HP has decided to clamp down on access to networked printers through the remote-access tools.

Some of HP’s new business printers will, by default, be closed to remote access via protocols like FTP and Telnet. However, customers can activate remote printing access through those protocols if needed.

“HP has started the process of closing older, less-maintained interfaces including ports, protocols and cipher suites” identified by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology as less than secure, the company said in a statement.

In addition, HP also announced firmware updates to existing business printers with improved password and encryption settings, so hackers can’t easily break into the devices.


It’s all part of HP’s growing initiative to secure printers. As older protocols like Telnet and FTP go out of fashion, HP will make printers accessible using more secure and modern techniques.

Most of HP’s printers are accessible wirelessly, and HP has been adding authentication to give the right users access to printers.

Many layers of security already exist in network printers, which in most cases are protected by firewalls. But some of HP’s printer security initiatives haven’t gone down well with users, like the company’s recent firmware update that rejected third-party ink cartridges on some OfficeJet printers. That created customer backlash and prompted HP to change its stance, and it issued new firmware that supported third-party ink.

The new security details are an important part of HP’s growing initiative to secure printing environments. Many companies are deploying managed print services, which help consolidate printing hardware and reduce paper and ink costs. Managed print services tie into a company’s document workflow system to ensure only the right people have access to and can print documents.

HP announced new features and services in its Secure MPS program to secure hardware and protect documents. Essentially, it tries to keep hackers from breaking into printing environments and ensure documents are printed by authorized personnel.

As part of Secure MPS, HP will customize and implement security plans for managed print services and ensure compliance requirements are met. In addition, HP is providing new tools for reporting and remote management.

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