How to Maximize or Increase HP Laptop Battery Life?

By | March 31, 2017

Battery backup not lonesome depends in the region of number of cells used to made, but there are many factors produce a repercussion the have an effect on ahead backup of laptop battery. Extending the battery life can save your time and cost that you spend on replacing the battery after certain period of use. Find below few tips how to extend the HP laptop battery life with maximum results.

Avoid Running with Multitasking


When you run quantity applications and programs concerning the order of your computer they eat battery capacity that you can maintenance by minimizing the use of applications at a period. Open application or browser that you are on the go, and fall others next social media pages, internet tabs and adjunct facilities not in use. Running union applications furthermore ham it occurring the eagerness of laptop.

Dust accumulated on vents stop them throwing air out that overheats the temperature of laptop resulting high speed running of vent fans also consumes battery power. If your laptop has overheating problem, get HP laptop technical support to check the issue professionally and protect your laptop from sudden crash or black screen.

Turn-off Laptop or Settings Not in Use

Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth continuously consumes battery power, thus back they are not is use, you should disable them that you can speedily enable following again as per the needs. Similarly, irregular united peripherals later than USB mouse and keyboard in addition to eats auxiliary animatronics compare to laptop trackpad and keyboard that come like inbuilt technology.

Optimize Hardware & Display Settings

Laptop screen consumes lots of power to display contents with lights. High brightness and long screen backlight timer reduce the power backup of battery. Hence, adjust the settings at optimum level to enhance battery life. Besides this, defragmentation of hard drive also reduce work load on system and save energy of your laptop. To adjust these crucial settings get HP laptop help offered by tech professionals remotely.

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